Tao Te KaChing
Workin' the cash register of the Great Tao

That is an ex-parrot!

(no, it's just pining for the fyords...)

At my momma's for mothers day. She likes to collect and arrange odd things. She has a fake / stuffed parrot in this cage hanging upside-down...oooo-kay...

Love coming out here, though. She has three pugs: Mojo-jojo, Chung King, and Zsu Zsu. They're fat, fun, and our shepards are great with them.

She also has a fantastic view from her porch, except for the lightpost.

Unfortunately, Joey and I had to flee early to try and make it home for the Sopranos in time. We were late by 10 minutes and had to wait till 9:00pm, so I laid around and did nothing. Which I like.

While at my mother's, I saw an article or something laying around that said Bush and the Cronies were building detention camps. So I did a little Googling and saw this. What the fuck...? Well, I'm sure it's just for our own safety -- a place to put chickens with the flu, their owners, and American islams with any sort of money or legal prowess. I, for one, already feel safe, as I neither own any chickens, nor have any prowess or money and haven't had any contact with Islam since breakfast.

Currently teaching a C# class while working full-time plus some. My god is teaching draining. But I'm getting good reviews from my students and learning way more about C# than I thought I would. The one thing that I'm noting during this class: my students wanted to use VS 2005, but 2003 was the required version for the class. I went ahead and upgraded to 2005 for them, and although we're mostly doing our own labs et al anyway, I'm realizing how much programming has changed over the years. Languages are slowly merging with their IDEs. Not that that's necessarily bad, but my god would .NET suck to learn without Intellisense. And look at what's happened with web programming. I don't know how many Dreamweaver experts I've run into that think they're the fucking gurus of web page design, but as soon as you show them a few lines of Javascript...I mean some of these people look at me as if I'm trying to trick them or something. I guess I have to be more subtle.