Tao Te KaChing
Workin' the cash register of the Great Tao

Holy moly!

Sorry it's been REALLY busy lately. Been trying to get my house ready to sell here in Oregon and preparing to move to Pennsylvania (hopefully Philly!).

Passed my 70-316: C# Windows programming. Only one more test for the MCDBA. The test wasn't really that hard, just covered a butt-load of stuff. The two SQL tests were definitely harder.

I'll try to post more often, but will really get going when Joey and I start our adventure back East. We'll be road-tripping from Portland, OR to Pittsburgh, PA. We're giving ourselves between a month and two-months, and will probably start off taking a big divserion south through California, across to New Mexico, up through Colorado, then diagonally up to Pittsburgh. Joey wants to go father up to Niagara Falls since I've never been there before, but I keep hinting that maybe two months out on the road camping will get pretty old by then. Or not. Whatever.

More later.