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Long time, no post....

Sorry all one readers, but it's been quite hectic. Looks like my house should sell this week and I'll be moving to the East coast by mid-/late-January.

Been busy lately moving my "productivity" over to Linux. I'm not extremely optimistic about this Vista release, but we'll see. I'm attempting to get a solid workstation down for doing C# development on a FreeBSD platform and have been foiled repeatedly in my attempts to get Monodevelop installed on there. Even the BSD# project and building from the Mono Merge port hasn't worked. I'm looking at any non-commercial plug-ins for Eclipse, but haven't seen anything thrilling yet. This, perhaps, may make for a good project, no? A C#/Mono editor written in Java?

Also getting lots of wierd projects at work to take care of, such as having an old Scantron machine with Windows 95 software send it's data to a SQL server. Ugh... I've been working on a solid m0n0wall syslog-client in C# that I'll post when finished. I'm maybe 95% there. I should have classes for sending the logs to MS-SQL, Oracle, DB/2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases, too.

Well, back to work and house crap...