Tao Te KaChing
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I am thoroughly disgusted with myself. I cannot shake this gnawing, constant desire for the compleat ruin of Kevin Federline.

Then I unfortunately come across this news, and I'm just about K-Fed-Up.

The only way I would watch this garbage (and in all honesty, defend it whole-heartedly), is if it was titled and themed: "I'm Kevin Federline and I Suck Ass", or "Hi, I'm Kevin -- Punch Me".

Kevin, just a quick shout out to you: if you make a record that sells only 6000 albums, and have many, many cancelled shows due to poor attendance, you not only suck, people hate you. They don't care if you "keep it real" or whatever. You suck. You SUCK!!! ARRRGGHHH!!!

I hate you, Kevin. With all my passion.



PS: It'd be fascinating to see how many copies of his album have been pirated or put on P2P...I bet one user is on eMule/KAD 24/7 trying to share that spunk, and it'd be you, Kevin.