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Smoking and me...

Ok.  Woke up at 8:00am.  It took one hour to have every environmental variable twisted and re-interpreted into the phrase: You picked the wrong time to stop smoking.  At 9:06am, I rolled a cigarette and smoked it.

Even the Habitrol (like Nicroderm patches) manual...I would read happy phrases like "Congratulations!  Now that you've decided to quit smoking, you should pick a date within the next 2 - 3 weeks as your offical quit date."  Key word is within.  What my mind said:  2 - 3 weeks from now; I obviously did this wrong; I didn't prep enough; I'm not ready!; Oh fuck, where's my cigs?

I also have friends showing up the next two weekends, which equals drinking.  Probably not a good idea to stop until after they're gone.  Wife's addendum to this: well, if you buck up like a REAL MAN, and deal with it, and...

I stopped listening after that; smoke got in my eyes, which kinda hurt.