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Maybe Our Government’s Not So Stupid, and Me...

Ok, I have an RSS feed to CodePlex, just to see what’s coming through there.  Every now and then a library or something gets posted and I bookmark it or use it in an app.

So yesterday (didn’t see it until this morning), some MTBA something or other app gets posted.  I expand the link in Google Reader to see WTF it is, and the summary makes no damn sense at all.  I highlight “MBTA Fare Visualization Challenge”, paste it into Google, and go…

Ok, the Massachusetts DOT has offered a challenge to developers on their website to create a visualization tool around their data.  The winner and second placer get a year DOT pass.

The challenge ends in November, so the person who posted their code in CodePlex is kinda dumb for that one, but HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?!  Barely any cost to the local government, any developer can work on it…  Basically the local government will get a chunk of whatever project they’re working on done at a microscopic (if not zero) cost to the taxpayer.

I just think this is a great idea.  What are your thoughts on this?