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High-speed Camera Footage, ILMerge, and Me...

First and foremost and are really cool.  High-speed camera footage of...well, you should watch it!

For some reason I went into vegetable-mode watching high-speed footage on YouTube of katanas cutting a bullet in half and a tomato and pretty much several dozen things a katana could cut in half.  I'm pretty sure I got those links from watching Pfaff's wing tsun demonstrations.  I have no idea...

Second, trying to the 3.1 Enterprise Library.  Here's the steps:

  • create Microsoft.Interop.Security.AzRoles.dll and copy into, say, c:\el31m
    • get from 2003 Svr., or install Server admin pack)
    • tlbimp that shiz with
      tlbimp azroles.dll /out:Microsoft.Interop.Security.AzRoles.dll /namespace:Microsoft.Interop.Security.AzRoles   

  • install / build entlib 3.1

  • copy all entlib 3.1 dlls ( and xmldocs? ) into, say, c:\el31m

  • copy ilmerge into, say, the c:\el31m directory

  • run this dos script in there

@echo off
set bigolline=
for /f %%a in ('dir /b Microsoft.Practices.*.dll') do call :process %%a
ilmerge /lib:c:\el31m /lib:"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE" /lib:C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 /t:library /log:merge.log /xmldocs /out:EnterpriseLibrary31.dll %bigolline%
goto :eof
set bigolline=%1 %bigolline%

  • entlib sweetness...

Seems to work gravy, however I'll be posting on configuring the netTiers templates to utilize this single library.  Just doing this because I'm getting kind of tired of seeing 50 gazillion assemblies after building a project.