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Finally, a clue, and Me...

So these past three days have been something else, I'll tell you!  First of all, I quit smoking, so I was going through some sort of withdrawals there.  The pain at times was extraordinary, leaving me incredibly exhausted pretty much all day.  We'd counter this with two oxycodone about every four hours.  Basically with all this simultaneously going on, doing anything other than sleeping was a waste of time.  I'd try to play PS3 and simply forget what I was playing.  My super media setup went kaput once or twice and my oxy-mind only made it worse.

Today, though, I feel more on top of it, even with the oxycodone.  I think the quitting smoking was really making life weird there, not that I was jonesing or anything, but I could tell a great cloudy-headed confusion was permeating all other aspects of my suffering.  Still doing fine on that, btw.

I know my typing etc is quite poor right now.  I'm having a hard time still concentrating even on this dumb post.  I see Dr. Wukich at around 2:00 today.  I'm gonna see if I can score some xray images.