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Conway's Game of Life, Pong, Screensavers, and Me...

Greetings, all:

Due to the massive increase in my blog traffic (I think I het around 20 / week or so) after I initially offered up my Game of Life screensaver, I now offer, in celebration of the new year, GoLPong!


That's right, for 2009 you now can have a fancy new Game of Life screensaver.  BUT THIS ONE'S PACKED WITH NEW FEATURES!  Well, what are they?

  • Game of Life does both trails and no trails
  • Flickers between trails and non-trails
  • Pong played live by your computer against itself
  • Alternates randomly between these two!

Oh my god, you say, but how much does it cost?

Free.  Because I love you.

It is a beautifully dumb screensaver.  You can get it here.  The source code (uncommented, of course) is here.

Tell me how you like it.  Also, send me comments for the 2010 version you'd like to see.