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Conway's Game of Life, Java, Smoking, and Me...

Ok, I've done it again. Another Conway's Game of Life, this time in Java:

The source code can be had here. It's called Gola (Game Of Life Applet).

So, I've quit smoking. I started July 6 at 11:27pm (my last cigarette). It is going much better this time.  This is my third time.  The first two times I quit for 2+ years each time.  I know this time is my final one.  Why?  I had a "moment" where I just didn't want them anymore.

That feeling stayed, even after I failed, so I set a quit date, got the patch, got lots of pretzel sticks, and made sure I didn't sit around and drink coffee in the morning.  This is the third day, and I had to stay home today.  I felt like I had the flu and slept until 1:00pm.  I've been a vegetable and sleeping on and off since.  It's 5:33pm now, and I'm finally getting a little energy back.  I wrote a little C# program for watching the "progress" of quitting.  I was going to include the health benefits stages as stages that would appear below the timer, but I slacked.  Here's the code and benefits list.