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Conway's Game of Life in Javascript, and Me...

Ok, I went and done it...

With my inability to purge my rotting brain of Conway's Game of Life, I have produced none-other than a super double-buffered javascript only Conway's Game of Life!

Hopefully I can sleep now. Below is it in all it's glory. You can get the javascript to run it here.

NOTE: ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!! Ok, trying to get javascript to run in blogger, but it'll take a little work. Here's so you can see it works

ADDENDUM: In Blogspot, IE doesn't like this script so well, nor does Firefox. I've removed it from the page but you can still see it at the link above.

ADDENDUM REDUX: Well, IE does not like this script at all. Performance is lousy and display is f-ed up. Firefox runs it like a champ.