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C++, Web Services, TinyXML, and Me...


So my current employer wants our existing MFC application to interface with some web services exposed by our new website (sorry, need to stay hush-hush about it at the moment).  Now, while the MFC side of things is turning out to be a bitch, I threw together some classes to make life easier for me.  The source is here.

CppHttp.h is a simple class to do GET and POST requests through.  Currently, it does NOT do multi-part requests, but I promise to update this when I get to that.  To consume the responses, I'm using TinyXML.  I looked at some other libraries, including using the MsXml stuff, but they were WAY overboard what I needed.  I included a sample class that calls a stock market thing I found on xmethods.net.  The Find method in there is particularly useful when getting, say, a DataTable back and wanting to go straight to the nodes.

Anyway, hope this is useful.  Let me know your thoughts.