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C++, Conway's Game of Life, and Me...

NOTE as of 5.03.08
Update to code. It actually works now. (what do you expect in 30 minutes)

NOTE as of 06.23.08
C++ source is now available through this page

NOTE as of 01.13.2009
ALL NEW C++ Game of Life screensaver, with PONG! Get it (and source) here!

Ok, just trying to get back into C/C++ for work and decided to quick write Conway's Game of Life. I have named it thusly YAGOL (Yet Another Game Of Life).

I so hate C/C++ Win32 programming after working in C#. Been working on it for a few days and nights and had enough. Whipped a YAGOL.NET out in like 30 minutes.

Here's my C# version of YAGOL (Yet Another Game Of Life). I'll be revising it every now and then. It's total shit as of this post, but...

Source included.

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