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Basically just a Link Post, and Me...


I have been much MIA lately, due to a retardedly hectic life right now.  I am changing jobs again, and have been dealing with the transition of doing as much as I can for my wife after 8 months of really being off my feet (for the most part). Turns out, she wasn't faking being that pregnant.

December 26 @ 9:00am!  Welcome Lillian Duvall!  A whopping 9 lbs 15 oz!  21.5" long!


My wife (who's tiny) ended up requiring a cesarean to get Lillian out.  As soon as I heard the cries of the baby (I was in there, but didn't get to see the procedure, dammit!), one of the nurses said (and I am not kidding), "My god, she's ginormous!"

On the programming / tech front, I have been playing around with LINQ to XML, the MS Chart Controls, as well as three of the Big N projects: NLog, NHibernate, and NDjango.  I am very much looking forward to the next (upcoming?) Subtext release.  I also have a screensaver to get out for 2010.  Don't you worry – I haven't forgotten all of you fans of my screensavers!*

So basically this is just a Link Post and reason for me to shamelessly show off my new daughter.  I'll try to have something more interesting soon.



*afaik, i have none…but my OCD requires I write another screensaver…