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Atomic Transistors, Garbage, and Me...

One of my many email spams that happen to get through caught my attention this morning, noting a breakthrough by scientists on creating a 7-atom transistor or something like that.

Link is here.

While I think it's pretty cool, and will lead to way-powerful computing (and sweeeeet games), I'm afraid that what's going to follow is the same as any other big breakthrough in the sciences: they next research how to mass produce it as cheaply as possible and then it gets into the "consumer jetstream" (my own quote, just couldn't think of anything better)...

My only question is: do we know how to dispose of these things?

Sure, we can do it Pittsburgh-style: if it fits in a garbage bag, put it in, otherwise try to break it down so it can fit in a garbage bag. I'm just wondering how much thought is put in nanomaterials science into disposal / de-constructions of these things. If anyone can point to any good research on this, please add to the comments here. (No lmgtfy shite, please).