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Typing Speed, Coding Horror, Gawker, Lava Lamps, Centrifuges, and Me…

While sifting through my ginormously swollen list of unread articles on Google Reader, I read a Slashdot post on whether typing speed really matters, which references Jeff Atwood’s rant on slow-typing programmers (of which said author here is sadly a member).  As I was in true internet surfing mode, I went from this article to Atwood’s site, on which was his latest article on the Gawker attacks.  It’s a cool read, especially the hack transcription…

Reading this of course led to Gawker’s front page to see if there was any admission or humility.  There was not.  However, there was the link to the Google-Engineer-Saves-Christmas feel-good story, which is both moving and sad at the same time.  I mean, can’t we all just get along?

Regardless, this led to said Google engineer’s site, where this kick ass cool experiment was apparently done in his apartment or something.

…It’s just so f---ing cool.


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